Autoplay for Columns layout

It would be awesome to add autoplay feature for Columns layout


I also hope it will be implemented. Would be so useful.


I would like to have the photos in the gallery auto-advance.

I was looking for this option as well. I would love this to happen. It’s a feature with the Instagram gallery, but the pictures I want to use for this are not posted/grouped in Instagram, so I need the scrolling in the photo gallery columns instead.

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Hi there @Justin98 :wave:

We see how useful this option might be for our users, so we’ll try our best to consider it in the future updates. We’ll keep you informed here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your interest and help!

Hey guys, any news about this application?

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Hi @Marketing_Skintec :wave:

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any news from our dev team yet. I am really sorry!

You see, since we get a lot of requests and developing new features is quite a complicated process, we prioritize the requests based on the number of votes they receive.

If this request gains more votes, we’ll try to speed up this process and I’ll make sure to update you here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for pointing us in this direction!