Auto-translation of all widgets based on loaction

Implementing an auto translate for all the apps or for some.

For example, the logo showcase, auto-translate could translate the header text with your preferred languages.

This would be a great addition for Elfsight as many of us use websites around the world with different languages and different currencies. At the moment we are limited to only one language, English.

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Hi @Richrd and welcome aboard :wave:

Do I understand correctly that you just want to add Language setting? For example, like in Google Reviews, so that you don’t need to manually translate every widget element:


Or maybe you need the widget to be automatically translated on the website depending on the visitor’s IP address?

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Hi @Max,

Yes, but this would only allow us to translate into one language. We are not able to translate for example English to French and Portuguese at the same time as well.

If the widget would switch automatically depending on the visitor’s IP or web browser language would be great.

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Got you!

We’ll try to consider such an opportunity in our future updates. We’ll keep you posted here :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help!


This would be a good update to target potential future Elfsight customers around the world :))