Auto-stop after a track

As a mindfulness instructor I’ve realized that this app is useless to its users since it doesn’t have auto-stop.

After a guided meditation or music track it is vital for the player to stop.

Please please please add this feature or I will have to find another audio playlist tool.

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@Andreas thanks a lot for sharing your idea, and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :hugs:

I’m really sorry that this option appeared to be crucial for you, and I do believe we’ll be able to consider it in our future updates.

Thank you very much for helping us, it’s highly appreciated!

Hi folks!

Although we haven’t implemented a solution into the widget to work out-of-box, we still have a workaround for you. Please contact our Support Team to get assistance with this matter :slight_smile:

yes! This is very important. Hopefully you will implement this soon.

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I’ve also posted a similar request to this - however I need to clarify, that users should have the option to toggle the Auto Play feature on/off. And it should be set to ‘on’ by default. Thanks!!

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Great, many thanks, @SamClarke! :slight_smile:

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