Audio Player feature request: Give users the option to switch on/off 'Auto Play'

I would like to give my Audio Player users the option to switch on/off ‘Auto Play’.

  • If turned ‘off’ the song would stop at the end, and the user would need to manually start the next track.

  • If the turned ‘on’ the playlist would continue to play the next song in the playlist.

  • Auto Play would be set to ‘on’ by default.

This feature would be appreciate by many.

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Fair enough, I love it!

Let’s hope we’ll give it a go in our future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hope you have had you let it be so please

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I also hope the devs will take this request under consideration, @Jeanuhu_Mac!

I’ll let you know here if I have any news regarding the progress :slight_smile: