Auto save on all apps

Not so much a new app, but i’d like to see your work autosaved as you go along. Some of the apps are quite intricate and you get caught up in the building of them. I’ve stupidly pressed the back button too many times and lost my creations whish was annoying (obvisouly my fault, but would be great if my work was still there :-). Currently using the Meet the Team app for a new selection of new Wall Art Photography Products ( and is working really well - but have lost me changes twice ! Dho!! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I’m coming with great news!

Auto save option is now released in our new Dashboard, and it will be available for all the users as soon as we transfer them to the new dashboard :tada:

It’s going to be a gradual process, but if you want to move to the new dashboard sooner, feel free to contact our Support Team, they will be delighted to assist :slight_smile: