Audio player - play stats

Is there any chance of getting play stats with the audio player at some point? I use the audio player on a number of projects but installing code on each website in order to track plays is so arduous. It feels like such an obvious, necessary function to add. Is there something preventing Elfsight adding this function?

Any thoughts would be welcome - thanks!

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@user627 thanks a lot for your suggestion!

This is a nice feature, and I guess we really shout give a thought to it :thinking:

By the way, what exactly you’d love to see included in the stats?

Thanks for your reply @Helga. I think the audio player just needs to report the number of people who have clicked play. This data should be available alongside the existing statistics that show domain visits. I use the audio player with a number of clients, all of who are requesting this, as installing code on the site and measuring using GA is too arduous. Thanks!

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@user627 Copy that!

Let’s hope we will be able to consider this feature request. Now, we have to pick the most wanted ones first since we’ve got quite a lot of them already.

But you’re welcome to ask your clients to vote for this idea here, it must increase the chances for the release! :slight_smile: