🔊 Ask the Elfsight Team a question!

Hello folks! We guessed it’s not quite fair that you barely know what and who Elfsight is :slightly_smiling_face:

And we’ve come up with an idea to collect a bunch of questions from you and give answers to the most popular ones. Feel free to ask ANYTHING you’d love to know — we’re gearing up to step out of the shade :sunglasses:

And please upvote which way you’d better get the answers from us:

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We’re going to collect your questions during a week or two :wink:

Here we go!


I wonder how you came up with ‘Elfsight’ as a name for the company :smiley:


Ah, we LOVE this question, and I’ll be happy to spill the beans! :star_struck:


Do you guys have an HQ? like some super headquarters stuff lol


Welcome, Chase, and thanks for the question!

It’s been added to the list as well :wink:

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