APA reference compiling widget/gadget

I am an extreme amateur when it comes to code. I was wondering if it were possible to get either a gadget or some page code that would create an APA reference for each blogger blog post, either in the side bar, or at the bottom of the blog page.

There are five components: the author name (Smith, X.); then the date from each post’s publication date (2023, March 20); then each post’s title (A really amazing post.), then the site name (Smiths Blog.); then each post’s URL (http://www.smiths.com/2023/03/a-really-amazing-post.html). The items that would change each time are the date, the title, and the URL.

The result would look like this (but with the post title in italics):

Smith. X. (2023, March 20). A really amazing post. Smiths Blog. http://www.smiths.com/2023/03/a-really-amazing-post.html

Can anyone help? Or have any ideas about how to go about writing such a thing?

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Thanks a lot for sharing such an interesting idea and welcome to Community @Sam5!

This functionality is quite complicated and, unfortunately, we can’t promise that it will be released soon. However, we’ll try to consider your suggestion in the future. We’ll keep you in the loop!

A huge thank you for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Max :slight_smile: