Amazon Affiliates Widget to display images and other info directly from Amazon

Since Amazon has limited SiteStripe to only offer text links, it is difficult to setup a new page of products. The API is not available to new affiliates.

I’d like to see a widget, based on the API, that helps creating product listings on our site that includes images, some product details and prices. As we only want to list products we’ve tried and approve of, It should also allow us to easily enter our own recommendation text, (why we recommend this particular product).

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Welcome to the Community @SEO_Ingram :wave:

Your idea sounds interesting, thanks for sharing!

Do you have any examples of the similar apps or maybe screenshots of how it should look? It would help us better understand your idea :slightly_smiling_face:

There is Zonify - I haven’t used it but assume it pulls more than just the affiliate links. It does not seem to integrate with affiliate programs other than Amazon.

There is also Lasso - description seems pretty comprehensive but is way overpriced for a small site. At least for my checkbook.

@SEO_Ingram Thank you so much, it’s really helpful!

I got your idea. We’ll try to consider this opportunity in the future! I’ll keep you abreast of any news in this thread :slightly_smiling_face: