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so that users could rate content on my website

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Thanks a lot for adding your idea!

I’m happy to say that we already have a similar widget in our Coming Soon section, you can check it out here - Star rating widget | Let your users rate your products and services [2023].

And yes, if you have any specific ideas regarding the options and features you’d like to see in this widget, you’re most welcome to share them in the comments here :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

I need a rating widget for my shop where people can rate the product (Amazon Style) and maybe make comments below (verified buyer - amazon style)

Thank you! Also put a share function to any product please!

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Darius, thank you for describing your use case and for your idea!

I’ve merged your request with a similar one, so that we have all the ideas and suggestions in one place. I’ll keep you updated on the progress here as well :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping us!

I need a rating widget for my online shop. It should display the stars next to the product. Customers can also leave a comment at the buttom with uploaded pictures or even verfied buyer status. Just like on Amazon.

Thank you!

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Application that allows customers to be able to leave reviews on products directly on my website.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your idea, and welcome to the community, @Nickeya_Davis! :slight_smile:

We have a similar widget in our Coming Soon section, I’ll make sure to update you as soon as we start working on it :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help!