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Hello everyone!

@user6092 , thank you—everything is clear so far.

@Betto , I’ll respond point by point:

  1. $1 per widget or $2 per customer per month actually.
    I’ve responded in detail about specifying widget limits here - Agency Account - #140 by Andrei. If you missed it, please have a read.

  2. Thank you for explaining the differences between agencies and freelancers—it’s very interesting. In fact, 50% of those who sign up for our affiliate program identify themselves as agencies. This week we will release an update that encourages users to answer the profile question about who they are. Hopefully, it will provide us with more relevant information.

Alright, an agency sells the whole package and should include our service fee in their cost—and a couple of dollars per client doesn’t seem like a big figure.

We could develop a white label version of our service, but it requires significant investment. We need to understand the monetization scheme, how to integrate it with Single App and Pack plans, and how not to complicate the current Pricing. If you have examples of monetization from other white label services, please send them to me privately—we’ll take a look and study everything.

  1. In the first version, you can only share the project, not individual widgets. After its release, we will consider the possibility of sharing specific widgets from the project.

@Hiroshi , as I wrote above—there are no specific plans for white label yet. As soon as there are, I will let you know. However, we are currently considering the possibility of implementing a white label installation code. Everything related to this topic is discussed here - Full Whitelabel Plan to manage apps with custom brand (white label)

Have a great day everyone!

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