Add right to left feature

I just want to share with you idea maybe will be great to all Arabic users that…

Make the widget support write from right to left…

You know Arabic language is from right to left against English language…

I know I can do that by using some css code … but I think that will be great idea to make elsight no coding as much as can and this idea will make a lot of users to move on elsight…

Maybe will be as button in any widget

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@Youssef1, thanks a lot for sharing!

You’ve got a point, we really should take your note into account and implement the Arabic language. We’ll try to consider it in our future updates :slight_smile:


Any progress on this?

Hi Saif!

I’m afraid not that much :frowning:

Since our widgets use different logic, the implementation is also different for almost every widget, that’s why it’s taking that long. We however do have plans to add RTL support step by step, and I’ll make sure to update you about all the changes here on our forum.

Thank you so much for your understanding!