Add Guildquality reviews please

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Yes, please add guild quality!

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Guild quality is a big review platform. One of my clients is a construction company, and this is very important to them.

Is there any way to add it? I would greatly appreciate it!


Thanks for the comment, @Kova! We’ll try our best to consider this source then! :slight_smile:

Can you please add Guild Quality as a review feed source? They are HUGE in the Home improvement market, and they even manage our reviews.

We have about 200 contractor clients, and about HALF of them use Guild Quality. Here is one we are working on today, actually: All American Renovations - Locust Grove, GA 30248 (Those 616 reviews would surely help :slight_smile: )


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@user2923 Ken, thank you very much for your comment, and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :rocket:

I’ve shared this thread with our devs for them to see that Guild Quality reviews are really needed, let’s hope they will consider them! I’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as I have any news :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s much appreciated!

Guild Quality Review Service. This service is important for business reviews. Would be great to have it.

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Greetings and welcome aboard @user11644 :wave:

We already have such a request for the Guild Quality source in the Wishlist. I’ve moved your comment to the related topic where we’ll post all the updates :slightly_smiling_face:

As a workaround, you can use a Custom Source option and add the needed reviews manually. Feel free to check it out: