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I bet we all have something to tell about, share, or advise :slight_smile:

Why not help each other and exchange our experience? I’m sure it will be a very useful and promising undertaking!

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That’s a cool idea and I take it right away. I work with a construction kit from IONOS called MyWebsite. I could also code the sites myself, the kit is so flexible, but that takes time, so I try to exhaust the possibilities as much as the kit allows me.
I dynamically filled the pages with a lot of content with tables as simple content in a Google spreadsheet and then in the template.
I’m considering translating the site into English as well, or just using Google’s automatic translation module. Is it worth the effort to translate everything yourself?
And I’m just asking for feedback here.
I am very happy about suggestions and cool ideas on how I can improve my content. An exchange here would be great. Have a great Weekend