A Signature Generator for downloaded documents

Could a signature generator be built so users or members can sign a download PDF agreement document or contract you have for them to download from your website, but need signed and sent back please.

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Hi @Sapelu, and thanks a lot for your suggestion!

Am I right that you’d love to see this feature in the Form Builder app? If so, we already have a similar request for this app, you’re welcome to vote for it here: Signature capture.

But if I got you wrong, please elaborate on your idea so that I have the bigger picture :slight_smile:

Not quite, more like a digital signature for clients to accept and confirm an agreement between both parties online with your business before service. An e-signature that is backed by a digital certificate to sign pdf documents online without downloading them and scanning them back. But definitely can download and print if customers would like a copy of the agreement signed.

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@Sapelu thanks a lot for the details! I’ve moved your request to the ‘New App Request’ category as another nice idea for a new app :slight_smile:

If you’ve come up with any more details or ideas, you’re welcome to add them in the comments.

Thanks a lot for your help!