A search box , that is linked to a crossreference list

All surgical instruments (or other products) have a unique reference linkes to the seller. I have a excel cross reference list of allot of the competitors. I would be nice if a customer could see wich alternative I have for their instrument, just be inserting the reference number.

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@Josefine, thanks a lot for your suggestion!

I guess I got your idea, you’d love to show the alternatives and describe the advantages of your products, right?

If you have any examples of such an idea, it would be really great if you could add them here. It would help us understand your idea better :slight_smile:


Yes, so if a customer has an instrument of the competitor with a reference number on it, they type it in and then my alternative shows. It is maybe a bit typical in this type of products…

This is a website with an example:

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Thank you for the link, @Josefine!

I hope we will be able to consider your suggestion in the future :slight_smile: