3-pointer from NBA

Just a mind-blowing case :exploding_head: showing that we are on the right track!

It’s a great honor for us to know that NBA :basketball: uses Elfsight Event Calendar, FAQ and Team Showcase widgets.

Absolutely incredible! I’ve never been so close to such celebrities like Stephen Curry or LeBron James :grinning:

So, we’d like to share this experience with you here, presenting some customization details.

Event Calendar on Cleveland Cavaliers Academy page

Cleveland Cavaliers Academy uses Elfsight Event Calendar to attract young stars to their ranks.

Our Event Calendar shows the schedule of games, trainings and different sessions:

Layout Settings:

  • Grid

  • Spacing Between Events - 5

  • Number of Events to display - 10

  • Width - 1171px

FAQ on Cleveland Cavaliers Academy page

Young players and their parents can easily find the answers to the most popular questions about Cleveland Cavaliers Academy camp with the help of our widget:

Layout Settings:

  • Accordion

  • Accordion Icon - Plus

Team Showcase on Cleveland Cavaliers Academy page

Here, Team Showcase widget shows Academy staff to website visitors.

Layout Settings:

  • Width - 1002

  • Text Align - Left

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And if you noted Elfsight widgets to be used somewhere famous, do tell us (@Helga or @Max)! We’ll be happy to include your finding in the list :wink: