Widget for different options within a floorplan

It would be nice to have a widget where we can see all the different options homebuilders can offer within a plan and buyers can select different changes

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Hi @Brianna_Yanez :wave:

We are so happy that you’ve decided to join us! Welcome :tada:

Would you be able to provide a more detailed description of how you envision this app?

Yeah! @Max It would just showcase the basic version of a floorplan, but there would be options on the side where a user can click to see the offered changes. So, for example, if a plan offered a game room in lieu of office space, they can click the game room option and see the newly populated space in the floorplan with the option they chose, and they can stack the options if they want to. Not sure if that makes sense.

The idea sounds interesting and we’ll try to think it over in our future enhancements :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for such a thorough comment!