Weekly update: Logo Showcase, Event Calendar, Forms

Hey guys, I hope you are nice :cowboy_hat_face:

This week has been pretty busy but very productive, so we prepared for you some cool updates on Logo Showcase, Event Calendar and Forms.

Please get comfortable :seat:, make some tea :tea: and let’s get it :eyes:!

Logo Showcase :top:

  • New: Logo Showcase is now available on the new configurator :fire:

  • Bugfix: The display of the logo was fixed, now it is not cut off.

Google Maps :world_map:

  • Bugfix: now the widget won’t break if a marker is created without coordinates.

Event Calendar :date:

  • New: we added fields for translating 2 captions in the “Invite via email” button, so they display in the. Now you can change their text in the Content → Messages section.

Contact Form, Form Builder, Subscription Form :page_facing_up:


  • we added mobile adaptation of the fields. Now when the form width is less than 440px, the fields are displayed in full width

  • now you can map the Consent field to the fields in Mailchimp :email: :monkey:

  • Bugfix: fixed a bug which made the fields without labels display incorrectly in Mailchimp integration.

We hope your widgets work perfectly fine, and if you have any feedback regarding the update, please do not hesitate to share it here :slightly_smiling_face: