🎉 Weekly changelog: YouTube Gallery, FAQ and TikTok update

This time we’re talking about bugs — about their elimination, to be precise!

Without further ado, let’s have a look what’s been improved in the YouTube Gallery, FAQ, and TikTok Feed widgets.


Bugfix : search by numbers was not accurate, but now everything’s working correctly. Please be advised that the content in a description is also included in the search:


Bugfix : video and images added via links didn’t work. The issue is withdrawn, and the functionality is now back:

TikTok Feed

Bugfix : an issue with some Profiles not to be found is fixed. Now TikTok Feed widget is fully operational.

Guys, we hope your widgets are safe and sound! But if anything goes wrong, please feel free to contact us or report a bug in Bugs Category — we’ll make sure to take care of everything :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Friday!

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