Web address shows up instead of song name

Hi, I think this a a great player looks professional and seems to work well across the web… BUT I notice that Elfsight.com shows up in the car player etc. instead of name of the song… I have a paid subscription by the way! This should be fixed …takes away from branding

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Hello there @user12198 and welcome aboard :wave:

Do you mean the elfsight cdn part of the link that appears when clicking on download button?

Hi, well while I’m in the car on the screen I notice across the display it reads elfsight.com instead of song name that’s playing at the time …the audio name ID doesn’t show up like other apps Itunes etc.

I also notice on your screen shot the audio file name takes a while to show up after the company web address and number letter- sequence…maybe that’s why it shows up that way, but yes if that can be fixed it would be AWESOME! Thanks…

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Could you please share a screenshot of the issue where elfsight.com is displayed instead of the song name?

I’ll gladly look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok Thanks