Weather inaccurate?

The weather app embedded on the website using the exact coordinates (and I tried Zip Code as well) is showing inaccurate weather according to 5+ other weather sources (National Weather Service, Weather Channel, Accuweather, Apple Weather App, etc.) At this point if it is going to show inaccurate weather I will have to pull it from our event page. Is there a reason why it would be inaccurate at this time?

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Hi @Adam_Moseley :wave:

Our widget pulls in the weather from this resource Different weather resources might display slightly different data, so if you compare the weather displayed in your widget to the results in Google, for instance, you might see a difference, but this is only because we don’t get the data from Google.

I’ve tried to check your location on, but unfortunately, couldn’t find its exact name by the coordinates added to the widget.

So, you can check your location using our source. If the info displayed in this source is much different from what you see in the widget, please specify the exact name of your location (country, state, city) and I’ll gladly look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Please, keep in mind that while checking the weather at you need to pay close attention to the hourly forecast graph on the right, as this is the data we pull into the widget. Also, there might be a slight correlative correspondence of the displayed temperature, due to the way the API works.