Trouble with Telegram Chatbox

Hello… I’m having trouble with the chat box after I entered the coding on my website… I’m using bracket for my coding and HTML for my website… But after I entered the coding, the telegram chat box is showing weirdly… Please help me with this as soon as possible

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Hi @Suchitra, welcome to our community! :hugs:

I’m really sorry about this issue, could you please send me a link to the page where the widget is installed? I’ll be happy to check it for you :raised_hands:t2:

Helloo​ :wave: I’m really sorry but I don’t think so I can share my website link as the website is not publicly shared and the website can only be opened in my laptop only… Is there any other ways to fix this? :sob:

I totally understand, and I’m really sorry about this issue :frowning:

You know, there could be different reasons for this issue to come up, that’s why we need to see the website in order to set the cause and find a specific solution. It doesn’t look like a standard bug, so it has to be examined by our developers for better understanding.

Is there maybe an option to publish your website for some time? We’d be very happy to help as soon as we can!