Tracking percentage played

When counting a play, we would like to know the percent of content that has been consumed.

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We need to be able to request event logging for plays and % of content consumed.

Someone appear to have requested and got some code previously so hopefully they will be able to help

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Hi @Medthority and welcome to Community :heart:

Could you please specify what you mean under event logging for plays?

As for the tracking %, do I understand you correctly that you’d like to track the number of tracks that have been listened?

We would like to track

  1. which plays have been listened to
  2. and how much of the play has been listened to

i.e. User has played podcast 1 and listened to 50% of podcast 1

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Thank you!

This is a really cool suggestion, but pretty much difficult to implement. Anyway, we’ll strive to think it over in our upcoming updates. We’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face: