TikTok Feed not showing

Hi! I just started using ElfSight on my website. Unfortunately, the TikTok feed isn’t showing anymore and I really need it because of a deadline this evening. Hopefully, someone can help or tell me what is going on! Thank you!

Hello Anne,

I’m so sorry that you have to face this issue!

Our developers have just checked things, and it seems our TikTok app really needs some help.

We’ve already started working on the fix, so thank you very much for letting us know about this! :pray:t2:

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal very soon, I’ll keep you in the loop here in the comments.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

Fine to hear that the problem wasn’t on my side. Hopefully it’s fixed soon!

Thank you again!

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Thank you all for waiting, I’m happy to say that TikTok Feed is up and running again!

@Anne could you please check your widget to see if everything’s working correctly for you now?

Hi, it works for me! Thank you again for the help :slight_smile:

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TikTok seems like it’s down again. Even when demoing on your website…

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Hello Shane!

I’m terribly sorry about this issue, but I have to admit that we are experiencing temporary issues with TikTok app again :frowning:

Our engineers are doing everything in their power to bring everything back, so the fix should come any time soon.

I’ll keep you posted about the updates here.

Once again, our sincere apologies for the troubles!

Hello folks, thanks a lot for your patience!

I’m happy to say that TikTok is back, so all the widgets should be working correctly now.

@Shane1 please let me know if everything’s fine on your end as well :pray:t2:

I’m having this issue at the moment where even in the Elfsight backend, the TikTok feed isn’t showing.
Hovering over the feed shows the popup of whatever the particular post is about, but thumbnails aren’t displayed. Screenshot here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Helga, can you advise if this is being looked into?

Hi @Nightowl! I’m so very sorry for such a late reply and for the issue you have to face :frowning:

I’ve already passed it along to our developers, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have news.

Again, my apologies for all the inconvenience caused :pray:t2:

No problem, thanks for looking in to it

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@Nightowl thanks a lot for your patience!

I’m happy to say that the issue is fixed, could you please check your widget and let me know if it works correctly on your end, too?

Yep, looks to be working again, thanks

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Hi @Helga , I’m having the same issue where the feed is not displaying, even when previewing in Elfsight. Is this issue still being solved? Thanks!

Hi @user508! I’m so sorry that you’re having this issue as well :frowning:

Yes, the issue for @Nightowl was fixed manually until the global fix is released. However, we expect it to be applied tomorrow afternoon (it’s 11:22 pm where we are now), and everything is ready for the fix.

I’ll keep you updated in this thread and will definitely get back to you as soon as everything’s back to normal.

I’m really sorry for all the inconvenience caused :pray:t2:

Hi @user508, could you please check your widget and let me know if it works correctly now? Everything should be back to normal now :pray:t2:

Yes it looks great @Helga, thanks!

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the update, @user508!

I wish you just a great user experience, and we’ll try our hardest not to let any issues bother you :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga, seems that TikTok feed is down again? I’ve checked in the backend and no feed is showing. Kindly advise, thank you!

Hi @user539, I hate to say it but yes, TikTok widget is experiencing temporary issue at the moment, we’re extremely sorry for the trouble!

Our dev team is aware of the issue and they’re working on it as we speak. I’ll get back to you with the update here as soon as I’ve got news from the devs :raised_hands:t2:

Again, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience!