Testimonials slider not displaying content on Teachable Site

I am using testimonials slider on my teachable website using Custom HTML block. After adding the Script in head and widget code to the html block it does not display testimonials content on the site if I choose slider or carousel layout although If I choose Grid then it works fine.

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Hello @Ali5 and welcome to Elfsight Community :fire:

I am so sorry for all the frustration caused!

To check things, we need some additional information. We’ve contacted you in a support ticket that you’ve opened.

Please check your inbox.

We’ll be looking forward to your reply in a support ticket!

Hey @Max Thank you for taking the time and reaching me out for the problem I am facing unfortunately I am unable to access the ticket I opened earlier can you tell me how can I contact for the support ticket?

@Ali5 I am so sorry about this situation.

Please let me explain everything in detail.

I’ve sent a message from support@elfsight.com to your e-mail address. I see that you’ve received and already seen it.

So, you just need to reply to this message at support@elfsight.com.

Please let me know if any difficulties come up. I’ll be happy to assist!

Thank you @Max You have been an amazing help! I am new to elfsight just got the access to the support ticket chat I opened earlier.

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Hey @Max! There is one final question I have for you.

I am using teachable on course page I am offering 3 course’s A,B,C and all of the courses are displayed as cards. Is there a way to add elfsight ratings to it which are dynamically displayed on my course cards?

For example A course has 4 star rating and B,C has 4 ratings.

@Ali5 I’ll be happy to check everything for you! Could you please provide me with a direct link to the course page?

Here’s the url of the page: faculty | Univeli

@Ali5 Unfortunately, there in option to do this because we don’t have such an app at the moment. Please accept my sincere apologies :pensive:

However, we have Elfsight rating widget in our Coming soon section. Our developers are working on this application, however, due to the heavy workload, this is not the priority task now. So unfortunately, we cannot name the exact release dates for this app.

Please vote for this app to get a notification upon its release here - Feedback widget for users to rate products

If anything come up, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day :wink: