Testimonials Slider: [Major Update] Show Date option, Masonry layout +6 more amazing features unveiled ⚡

Our dev team worked really hard and put in tremendous effort to fulfill numerous feature requests from our Wishlist :rocket:

So, let’s look at what has been done:

  1. Possibilty to include the date of the review

  2. Randomize order of testimonials

  3. Masonry style for testimonial cards

  4. Add Widget Width & Font Customization Options

  5. Allow to update background colour of the cards

Moreover, we went beyond Wishlist requests and released a bunch of new features:

  • Schema.org (enabled by default)

  • Most recent first sorting

  • Added Badge and List layouts; updated Grid and Slider

Guys, did you like the new features? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below :point_down:

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