Testimonials Slider: Display images right in the testimonials

What an amazing update our dev team cooked up for you!

Now you can add photos to the testimonials of our Testimonials Slider app :rocket:

Important details

To add the image, choose the needed testimonial and upload the image

If to click on image or Read More button, the full testimonial will be displayed in the popup

In the popup, you can scroll through all reviews with the images

This popup is mobile-friendly and applies mobile adaptation when the screen width is 800px or less

If you are using the Postcard style (the last option on the Testimonial tab) without images, the avatar will be displayed at the top (on the left if it's full-width). Once an image is added to at least one testimonial, the avatar will shift below the testimonial, and the image will replace it

Without images:

With images:

You can show/hide images using the setting on the Testimonial tab

Here is a video showing the new feature in action:

Have you tried out the new functionality? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below :slightly_smiling_face:

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