Target link in portfolio plugin

Hi, IN PORTFOLIO PLUGIN, I wonder how I could set the target link to “self” instead of “blank” for action on Project Click please. Thanks very much for your help !

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Hi @user1237, welcome to the Elfsight community, happy to see you here! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the widget on your website, but I hope my advice will work for you anyway.

Go to the Description → pick HTML mode → alter the link the way you need:

Screenshot 11-21-2022 15.57.47

Please let me know if it helped :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you so much for your answer Helga.
Actually, I’ve tried that solution but the link is not visible on my website. It appears well in the editor but not in the front :frowning:
As you can see on screenshot below, the link is ok in the editor, but not on the front.

Helga, I’ve tried as well, to remove the text before the link, and here is the result. I don’t know why my link appears that way ? Do you have any idea?

Sorry, me again, here’s a screenshot with the code of the link.

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Hi @user1237 and thanks a lot for all the screenshots!

You know, I’ve consulted our developers and it seems there is no way to add the link the way you need at the moment, I’m really sorry about it :frowning:

But we’ll try to consider such a use case in order to improve our Portfolio app :pray:t2:

By the way, it seems you’re using our standalone plugin from CC, but I have to mention that this forum is dedicated to Elfsight cloud apps which look and might work differently.

I advise you to ask your questions (if any other questions come up) via our CodeCanyon form, our team will try their best to provide the answers there :slight_smile: