Styling Options for X Feed

I’m adding an X feed to my clients landing page and would like more styling options so it blends in with the other news stories from different sources on their page. (pic of look and feel example we’re wishing to achieve)

To achieve this style the elfsight X Feed app needs to have:

  1. options to have the image above or below the text and an ‘excerpt length’

  2. options to add a post border, width, color and rounded or square corners

  3. options to adjust the column and row gaps

At the moment there seems to be very few styling options and I think these three suggestions would make a great addition in the paid elfsights plans making the basic paid plan even more attractive to use and a nice difference from the ‘free’ option for those who expect more. :smiley:

Of course if these options exist already… please point me in the right direction.

Hey there @gDesign :wave:

I’ll be happy to check with our dev team if anything can be done. Could you just specify what you mean under the ‘excerpt length’? Is it a certain number of preview lines?