Adding a filter to RSS feeds

Adding a filter to RSS feeds an customize the flow to suit your needs.

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Thanks for adding this idea!

Could you please provide some more details on what filters you’d live to have in the widget and what exactly you’d love to control with their help?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Helga,

for example

  • include words
  • exclude words
    in and
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Awesome, thanks for the info!

Should any other ideas come up, never hesitate to add them here :slight_smile:

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Organizations wanting to showcase various mentions in the media could add these articles to the feed and only the selected articles would show up, versus the current model that doesn’t allow for filtering capabilities.

Hi friends! You now have three filters in your RSS Feed widgets, so you can either exclude or show particular content:


Do these filters cover your use cases? :slight_smile:

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Vielen Dank für die Information.

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