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Good morning everyone
I twich myself and it would be great if Elfsight could put the information on a website.
I use Streamlabs Pro to stream and I get a page there that shows all the widgets that I use for Twitch, such as Game Timer preview of the recorded live videos, donation area, etc. Have a look at the page. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know what information you need? Maybe a hint, Streamlabs works with URLS that I simply load into a browser plugin in streamlabs so that it is displayed in my stream. Here are a few links:

Have a nice weekend, many greetings Dirk

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@Dirk thanks a lot for all the details and links!

Am I right that you’d love to display all the widgets you use in your Twitch profile as well?

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Good morning Helga
No, it’s about displaying the information from Streamlabs with Elfsight widgets on a normal website. So I could show my 'stream times publicly on my website.
I hope I can explain it well enough. I’ll send you more information, I haven’t been into it that long, I’m still getting to know stream labs. But I understood that Streamlabs is an interface that connects to Twitch with the chat points that you get and can use as a visitor.

Ah, I guess I got you, thanks!

As far as I can see, Streamlabs includes not only Twitch, but other platforms as well. I see that it’s all about live-streaming, but I think Streamlabs is kind of a wider platform.

I have adjusted your idea and set as a separate suggestion, I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

We’ll try to think in this direction, and yes, if any more details or suggestions come up, we’ll be happy to consider them all :slight_smile:

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Hey Helga, I think it’s great that you’re putting the post in the right place, I still don’t have the experience in the community, but I like to learn and from that I’ll eventually know how it’s going ^^
nice weekend. Exactly Streamlabs also offers this via API and that’s when I thought of Elfsight^^

Thanks a lot for the kind words, Dirk! I hope our forum doesn’t appear too cumbersome for you, but if any questions or difficulties come up, I’m always here to help and advise :slight_smile:

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No, the forum is great, I’m just too inexperienced, but I can rely on the fact that I’m not alone and can always ask my questions. Have a good rest at the weekend
I’ll start my stream tonight and relax a little while gaming with friends.
. Twitch) @Nurgauwn79 at Twitch. see you on Monday =)