Store and display data on a page

Hello there!

I want a widget, so that there is a form, with name, surname, email, phone, subject (when you click on it, school subjects will appert), message and submit button.
After you press on submit, the page will refresh with an alert ‘Successfully submitted!’ and when you enter the page, you will see the form details on the page, even if you refresh the page or enter from any other place, it will stay the same. Also, you can submit only one time each week.

People from all around the world can submit the form and the list with these forms will be displayed.

Also it would be nice, if there was a search bar so that you can search that form.

After there are lots of forms, you will be able to scroll horizontally and view them.


Hi @Muh_Eml :wave:

We couldn’t be happier that you’ve decided to join our ranks. Welcome :tada:

We are extremely grateful that you’ve shared this idea with us! This use case is quite complicated and I am afraid, I can’t promise that it will be implemented. However, we’ll definitely try to think it over in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face: