Populate predefined value in one of the field

I am integrating elfsight form widget in my single page react app.
As my app is single page app browser url is same for all pages. So to identify from which page user is submitting feedback I would like to add additional field in the form to identify the page name.
I am just looking way to identify how I can populate value in this field. I am trying custom js option but as there is no detail documentation about widget apis , I am not sure how to achieve this.
Sample javascript I am trying is

// Select the button using its CSS class
const button = document.querySelector(".es-forms-floating-button");

// Check if the button element exists
if (button) {
  // Store the original onClick event handler, if any
  const originalOnClick = button.onclick;

  // Define a new function for the onClick event
  function newOnClick(event) {
    // Call the original onClick event handler, if any
    if (originalOnClick) {
      originalOnClick.call(this, event);
      setTimeout(() => {
        let textField = document.getElementById("ls4u6cue");
        let hiddenField = document.getElementsByName('HiddenPage ')[0];

        console.log("inside:: textField:", textField);
        if (textField) {
          // Set the value of the text field
          const viewName = localStorage.getItem("viewName");
          const moduleName = localStorage.getItem("moduleName");
          textField.value = moduleName + " " + viewName;
          if(hiddenField) {
            hiddenField.value = moduleName + " " + viewName;
      }, 2000);

    // Add your custom logic here
    console.log("inside:: Button clicked!");

  // Assign the newOnClick function as the onClick event handler
  button.onclick = newOnClick;
} else {
  console.log("inside:: Button not found.");

Welcome to the Community @LauraC :wave:

I’ve talked to the devs and, unfortunately, there is no option to customize the widget this way at the moment. I am sorry!

We understand that it would be a great option and we’ll try to think it over in our upcoming updates.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us :slightly_smiling_face: