Social Share Buttons: Pass a custom URL dynamically in the installation code

We’ve added an option to set a custom URL in the installation code attribute of our Social Share Buttons.

Note: This functionality is available only for Enterprise customers.

You can find a new option in the Share Preferences section on the Buttons tab:

When would it be beneficial?

This feature is really helpful when you need to share a specific post from a list instead of the entire page. Previously, you had to create a separate widget for each individual post by configuring a custom URL in the configurator.

Now, you can use the same widget and only need to specify a different URL in the attribute.

Here’s an example of how the div element looks in the installation code with the attribute:

<div class="elfsight-app-WIDGET-ID" data-elfsight-app-custom-url="YOUR_POST_URL"></div>

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