Social media app with cybersecurity widget app like facebook and twitter

a social app with cybersecurity features (it traces the cybercriminal who are trying hack my users account by cyberdepartment) by this cybercrimes will reduce

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Hi @user3889 :wave:

Thanks a lot for adding your comment!

I see that you’d like to trace cybercriminals within a social a media app. However, could you please specify what social media app you’d like to have? What features should it have (except tracing hackers)?

videos,posts,protection of users account, Threat intelligence integration, Anomaly detection, User education on cybersecurity, Security breach alerts, Risk-based app like facebook or twitter with these extra features that will protect users account’s from cyber attacks

Got you!

Unfortunately, this task is quite a tall order and I can’t promise that such an app will be definitely released. However, we do have this idea in mind and keep you abreast of any news :slightly_smiling_face: