Moderation and filtering post

Plugin is really good in terms of visuals and UI friendly console but I see this plugin is lacking moderation & filtering post feature. It would be good if this feature is also available!

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Thanks a lot for submitting this idea and for your kind words!

We’ll try our best to think over possibilities to implement this feature in one of the future widget’s updates.

And if you come up with any other thoughts regarding this functionality, please feel free to let us know here :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Original comment from Jens Hildenbrand transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hi Jens and thank you for your comment!

We’re not going to stop improving this widget, so all the ideas you share with us here are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

We use schedulers for all our feeds so duplicate posts are created across channels frequently, but we also have individual posts too. Would be great if a duplicate post can be hidden somehow or even better that the app detects it’s a duplicate and you can choose which feed has the priority to show the post.

Possible on the social media widget to hide specific posts from the wall? For context, we have both facebook and instagram on our social wall, if we were to post essentially the same post on both platforms, it would be helpful to be able to hide one of them so it doesn’t look like a duplicate

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Example, If I want to use a hashtag # to post something on the social feed app from any social media, twitter, Instagram etc etc,… I would like to have control to remove / hide/ block any specific kind of post.

If I want use a # to talk about car, and somebody post something inappropiated using that hashtag I would like to have the option to remove that post from the social feed widget, and the option to ban that user of continue posting inappropiated content.