Slider: Centre Text in Mobile and Tablet Only

Hello, It appears I have a Slider widget with text align to the left in desktop, and when it goes to tablet or phone screen size, the text is in the centre. Which is perfect.

Slider Widget: elfsight-app-070f20c3-3ee1-442d-b005-0ce95ff24265

However, I have another slider widget which does the exact opposite, and I don’t know why its different. In mobile and tablet screen size, the text is not centred.

(not correct)
Slider Widget : elfsight-app-bf3907cf-92b3-4ba8-9536-bc4371b1d63c

Is there a way I can correct this?


Hello @Matthew! Thank you for contacting us!

I’ve checked your widget’s settings and see that the reason for the issue is that the text in the second widget is aligned to the right. The first widget isn’t aligned to the right:


If you remove this alignment, everything should work fine.

Could you please check it and let me know if it helped?