Set custom width for each logo

It’s a pity that it is impossible to change the width of the box for each logo, thus, having logos with different size it shrinks longer logos to smaller size to fit into this standard box for the logo.

Yes I have the same request. The support team wrote some custom CSS for me that fixes the issue but once all the logos have been displayed they temporarily all get overlaid on top of each other for about 10 seconds before it resets — which apparently is due to the custom CSS they wrote …

Either custom width for each logo, or have an option that can be toggled to scale all the logos so they have the same height … or both!

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@DavidHogg many thanks for sharing the details and for your comment!

I’m really sorry that the CSS didn’t work as expected, but I’m sure our Support guys will be able to tweak it to work just as you need, so feel free to contact them back.

And we’ll try to consider your request in our future updates, I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Helga,

This is what support said so it seems the problem can’t be solved with CSS alone — hence posting here :wink:

The developers have checked the widget, and they say the bug is caused by the CSS they’ve applied. With a customization like this, some side effects are possible, unfortunately. To get rid of the bug, you can remove the CSS, but then the logos’ height will go back to standard. We’ve very sorry about this inconvenience, but we can’t fix it at this time :frowning:

We do have a wishlist request for a similar feature to be added to the app, so no CSS would be needed. Please make sure to vote for it here and add a comment about your use case - Set custom width for each logo

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Oh, I’m so sorry, David! We’ll try to think about this issue and find a solution in our future updates then.

Thank you so much for taking time to post here!

Folks, this request is in the works now! I’ll keep you updated on the progress :slight_smile:

Guys, we’ve added an option to set the custom size for each logo :rocket:

Find more details in this post - Logo Showcase: Set Custom Logo Size for a specific logo

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