September Challenge: Win Rewards for Top Customization! 🛠

Howdy, community fellows! :wave:t2:

Here’s an idea that crossed our minds: why not dive deeper into our widgets together, exploring all the features, possibilities, and use cases they can cover?

Isn’t it a great opportunity to channel our efforts, gain insights, and have some fun along the way? :100:

Meet a new rubric “Monthly Challenge” — join in every month for two weeks of creative fun!

Here’s the first one! :arrow_heading_down:

The Task

As you all know, we recently rolled out our cool new Sales Notification widget. Can it be that you might not know all the nifty things it can do? Dive into this challenge and see for yourself!

  1. Using our new Sales Notification widget, customize it with all your creativity and imagination. Make it look top-notch! :boom:

  2. Share the link to your widget in the comments below so that others can test it out.

How to share the link to your widget

:pushpin: Tips and Widget Customization Criteria:

  • Define a clear situation for your widget to display.

  • Think through the design and content. Does it convey your idea?

  • Reflect your business domain or niche when creating your widget, if possible.

  • Present your widget briefly: what niche it represents and how it is useful for prospect clients.

The Prize

Your creativity and efforts are bound to be rewarded! :slight_smile:

Our team will choose the 3 most thoughtfully and creatively customized widgets and award the following prizes:

:1st_place_medal: 12 months of free Sales Notification Basic Plan

:2nd_place_medal: 6 months of free Sales Notification Basic Plan

:3rd_place_medal: 3 months of free Sales Notification Basic Plan

:medal_sports: All participants get 1 month of free Sales Notification Basic Plan!


You have two weeks, on September 18th this topic will be closed and 3 winners announced!

Your imagination is your limit, so no restrictions in terms of customization.

Are you in? :white_check_mark:

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P.S. If you have an idea for the next challenge, do share with me! :wink:

Hi Helga

Like it with Bitly integration and news, radio, app promotion.

Placed it on the front page of and it is great! Holding thumbs that I’ll get somewhere :blush:

Kind regards


Question, I already pay yearly so if i win… i get the widget that is already included in my plan ?

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Oh, worry not, Lesan, we’ll be happy to extend your subscription in accordance with your prize :slight_smile:

Here’s a Google Review Notification :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


@Roxane_Roxas, your widget looks awesome! Wish you good luck! :hugs:

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Thank you

Here is one I made. Hope you like it!


Absolutely, thank you for sharing, @Darryl_Ransier!!

You might want to change a link in the button so that it leads to your website or any other desired page :slight_smile:

Hope you like it!

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@CreatorCode definitely eye-catching! Many thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:

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How did I use the widget?
I used the sales widget to draw attention to my social channels.

Translated Widet Content: Someone in your area just subscribed to your YouTube channel

I designed the widget so that returning visitors only see it once a day.
In conjunction with the sales widget, I integrated the YouTube gallery in the same viewing area

Dirk, I personally think your widget is just the thing! I love the design and the CTA - great job!

I’m really sorry to say but the challenge is already over, we announced the winners here: September Challenge: Our Winners!

But I really hope to see you in our next contest! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Helga :kissing_heart:I had already seen that the challenge is over :face_with_monocle: but the exchange is not :upside_down_face:, so I would be happy if other members would show their examples here and perhaps also the idea of why the widget is used.

Fantastic point, love it! :fire:

Our contest is over, you can find the winners in this post: September Challenge: Our Winners!

See you next time! :star_struck:

Hi folks!
Our second challenge is already live, feel free to hop on! October Challenge: Get Ready for Halloween! :slight_smile: