NEW WIDGET is here: Say hello to Sales Notification 🚀

Guys, the moment you’ve all been eagerly waiting for is finally here!

Meet the innovative Sales Notification widget - your key to customer engagement, skyrocketing conversions, and a whole new level of success :top:

Sales Notification: What is it?

Sales Notification widget is the unique tool designed to revolutionize your sales game.

The app showcases recent purchases made by customers on the website, thereby promoting social proof and encouraging visitors to make a purchase :dollar:

Do not hesitate to test the power of our widget in online demo!

The list of key features

  • 20+ ready-to-use templates for each activity and occasion

  • unlimited number of sales notifications with in-depth pop-up info

  • flexible positioning fits all screen sizes

  • complete control over notifications displaying

  • multiple customization options to create your own unique style

  • and much more

Have you had a chance to try out our Sales Notification? What are your first impresions? Do you have any specific plans on how to use the widget?


This is great! Can’t wait to try it.

@MakingMoves Thank you for the comment! We’ll be waiting for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not letting me add the application in the old dashboard

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@MakingMoves yes, our new widgets are available only on the new dashboard, and, unfortunately, we haven’t transferred all the accounts there yet.

But we’ll be happy to move you to the new dashboard out of turn, just let me know and I’ll ask our devs to help :slight_smile:

Hey Helga,

I am concerned with moving to the new dashboard. I have used the new dashboard with another company and it seems like it limits the amount you can have of each widget. The old dashboard and pricing plan that I signed up on was not like this.

@MakingMoves totally understand you, but worry not, in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory account transfer for you :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact our Support Team, they will be happy to answer all your questions and assist with your account transferring, should you decide to move :slight_smile:

please move me to the new dashboard. is my account

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Hi @user3570, great to see you in our community, welcome!

I see that you’ve also opened a support ticket with this request, so worry not, someone from our Support Team will get back to you and assist with your account transferring any time soon :slight_smile:

Awesome! This will make my clients very happy!

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We’ll be happy to hear your feedback after you test the widget! :slight_smile:

hi, i would like to test drive the widget, but I do not see it in my dashboard, does this mean it is not available on my account, if so not sure why I received the sales email.

Hi @ClickAlgo :wave: Happy to see you back!

The thing is that you have an old dashboard account and Sales Notifications widget is available only for a new dashboard users.

At the moment, we are gradually transferring all our users to a new dashboard and we’ll be happy to move your account as a top-priority task.

Could you please confirm that you’d like your account to be transferred to a new dashboard?

Hi, Max, will it be under the same terms and monthly usage? Are there any benefits I may lose

If its the same then yes please transfer my account across

Hi @Paul_Hayes

Please do not worry, the terms will be the same and you won’t lose any benefits :wink:

Could you please specify the email of the account you’d like to be transferred?



Oops, sorry, the correct email is:


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Please update my dashboard so I can get this widget live ASAP please :slight_smile: been looking forward to this one for a long time! :fire: :raised_hands:

Thank you!

I’ve sent your request to our dev team. I’ll get back to you once the account is transferred :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Daniel4 and welcome to Elfsight Community :wave:

I see that your account is already transferred to the new dashboard.

Could you please double-check it?