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Love the calculator! We moved from Typeform which was super complicated to get our logic to work. Elfsite makes it super easy to configure!

That being said, Typeform allowed for emailing of visitor results to their email (and any other email for that matter). We used this for visitor remarketing as the email would say, if you would like to proceed with applying, click here. As of now, visitors fill out the elfsite widget and then it’s gone. If we could have an email me these results button or something, that would be great!

We also had the ability to send these results to a spreadsheet. This was critical for market research. While not everyone would apply, the estimates produced helped us see what sort of combinations of products visitors were interesting in. This helped with crafting our product mix. If there were some way to track the results of the calculator widget in a spreadsheet, that would be amazing!



Hey @Ryan_Getchell :wave:

What an amazing comment! Thanks a million for such a thorough description of your use case and kind words about our app :heart:

I couldn’t agree more about sending calculation results to email or spreadsheet – it would be a game-changing feature! We’ll try to work in this direction to make it happen one day.

I’ll keep you posted here in case of any news.

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Is it possible to receive the data from the calculator within a mail or API etc as soon as the customer follow the Call To Action / Clicks the Button?

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Hi there @user11428 :wave:

Unfortunately, this option is not supported in our app yet, but we have a similar idea in the Wishlist. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated topic, where we’ll keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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