👋🏻 Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Robert a web administrator based in Vancouver, Canada. I use Elfsight on two different Shopify sites I manage and I love it!

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Absolutely elated to hear that you love the widgets you chose for your progects, Robert!

I hope this forum will be another great tool to make your experience even better :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing and welcome!

Thanks a lot , im so happy to found your reply .
I will do my best to share my experiance here .

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I’m Rob, I own an agency that services other agencies. I resell Elfsight and I really enjoy sharing all the things it can do for a website with my agency partners and with their clients.

I’d love to learn about things I can do with Elfsight that I didn’t already think of. I’d also be happy to share with others how I’ve used Elfsight as a solution for myself and my customers.

Fact: I’m the opposite of Helga, I’m very into watching films (when I have the time), but I’m terrible at reading books — I mean I can read… :wink: But, I get bored really fast with books and lose interest. I end up skipping to the end after 30 or so pages. I think I have ADD, but I am too old to have been formally diagnosed with it. I DO read lots of email, Blogs and industry news and announcements, however.

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Very nice to meet you here, Rob! It’s awesome to hear that you enjoy our widgets and recommend Elfsight to others :slight_smile: I’m sure the community will be happy to learn from your experience.

Haha, we all are different, and it’s just amazing! Anyway, you seem to spend way too much time reading, so it’s understandable that there is no place for anything else left :slight_smile:

Thank you, it was a pleasure to read your post!

HI I am Lisa I run a site for my side gig Eco Lou.

I need to learn how to use shipping apps, I either need an expert to show me on video or I need someone to do it, its driving me crazy.

I live in New Zealand North Island :smiley:

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Hi, I am very happy to have an opportunity to introduce myself.
This is Jackson, from Canada, a senior Full-stack developer.

I am working as a freelancer, looking for a job.
If you give me the opportunity to work for you or your company, then I will bring you the best result that you are looking for.

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Hi Lisa, happy to meet you here!

This forum was created for you to ask questions and connect with other experts to discuss things, so you’re most welcome to talk to the community whenever you need :slight_smile: I do believe your questions will be covered :wink:

Thank you for joining and have a great day!

Hi Jackson, so great to meet experts here!

Thanks a lot for your offer, we’ll surely bear it in mind :slight_smile:

I hope you could share your expertise on this forum as well, as I can imagine how useful it would be for other members :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day ahead!

Hallo, mein Name ist Gaby :kissing_heart:
Danke für die Aufnahme in die Gruppe

Ich lebe mit meiner Familie in Austria - Vienna, bin jedoch gebürtige Polin. Bin schon Pensionistin aber meine Liebe zur Natur zwing mich noch zum arbeiten. Bin Aromatherapeutin. Ich freue mich auf neue Bekanschaften und neue Erfahrungen.

Hello, my name is Gaby :kissing_heart:
Thank you for joining the group

I live with my family in Austria - Vienna, but I am Polish by birth. I’m already retired but my love for nature still forces me to work. Am an aromatherapist. I look forward to new friendships and new experiences.

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Hallo Gaby, schön dich im Forum zu sehen! :heart_eyes:

Vielen Dank, dass Sie einige Informationen über Sie geteilt haben, aber da dieses Forum viele Leute umfasst, müssen wir uns an eine Sprache halten, nämlich Englisch. ich hoffe, Sie verstehen :slight_smile:

Es ist so schön, von Ihrer Liebe zur Natur zu hören – das ist ziemlich selten in unserem hektischen Leben. Aber auch hier bin ich bei dir!

Ich hoffe, dieses Forum ist ein netter Ort für Sie, also genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt!

Hi Gaby, happy to see you on the forum! :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot for sharing some info about you, but since this forum comprises a lot of people, we have to stick to one language, which is English. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

So lovely to hear about your love for nature - this is quite a rare thing in our fussy life. But I’m with you here as well!

Hope this forum will be a nice place for you to come by, so enjoy your stay!

dear fellows I urgently need a job.
Please let me know if there’s an available one.

Hi! My name is Cathy and I own Rocket Road, a boutique marketing agency specializing in small business with big plans. I have started a new partnership with an esteemed colleague that creates social media posts for hearing aid practices called CommComm Hearing. We are using an Elf Sight widget to make daily posts available to our subscribers. I would love to learn how others are using widgets for their sites.

One fun fact about me is that I rode my first mechanical bull in Las Vegas at 50!! So much fun!

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Hi Cathy, so great to meet you here on the forum!
I’m elated to hear that our widgets are of great help to you and your partner, this is awesome :slight_smile:

And thanks for sharing such a fantastic fact! I’m convinced such stories might motivate others to step out of comfort zone :rocket:

By the way, given your experience in marketing, I’m sure you’ve got some wisdom to share with others. Feel welcome to take part in our Giveaway and win up to 6 months of free usage! Contest: share a story and win 6 months of Elfsight free usage!

Hello, This is Ahmad Usman. I am the owner of Ebury Dry Cleaners offering the best dry cleaner in Belgrave London.
I have purchased the Elfsight pro package for installing the Whatsapp chat feature for my website.
It was really a great experience and an amazing technique to start the WhatsApp chat button on our website. It is super easy and there is no need of learning any codes or anything complicated.
Thank Elfsight team. Appreciated!

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Dear Ahmad, thank you so much for all your kind words, I’m happy to see that you’re loving your experience with Elfsight! :heart_eyes:

Indeed, the WhatsApp Chat widget looks great on your website, thanks a lot for showing your website, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Great idea Helga!

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Hi I am Marmee Regine and I have a podcast named- Pandemic Podcast Coronavirus. I am an affiliate marketer in IMPACT, CJ and Share A Sale. I just started on affiliate marketing this 2022.
Thank you.

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Hi @MarmsRegine8, so great to see you on the forum! :hugs:

Amazing to meet such talanted people here, podcast sounds really cool!

I really hope you’ll give our Affiliate Program a try as well, cuz we tried to make a program that really works.

Thanks a lot for sharing, see you around!