Radio Player With Metadata and artist covers


i have a radio station and it would be great if you devolep the radio with metadata.

Please give this great idea a change!

Regards Erik


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This would make me purchase this player. Adding song metadata would be a huge plus as well!


Yes, adding Metadata could be a huge win for Elfsight. There aren’t a lot of visually attractive players out there, but Elfsight’s players do look visually good, however, they lack metadata which makes then unusable for us. Adding Metadata for artist/track info would be great, adding an Album Art feature that populates off the metadata would be even a bigger win.


@Adam4 great comment, thanks a lot! It seems we really should give this feature request a thought :thinking:

I hope you have voted for this idea to make it stand out from the list. The more votes a feature has, the more odds it will be implemented first :slight_smile:

And yes, welcome to the community, really happy to have you with us! :tada:

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This is 100% correct! This is exactly what I’m asking for.


very useful


I second this!

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We will love this feature for this player this update would be great!

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Hi @J-Man_Radio :wave:

Thanks a lot for such an awesome comment, this is huge! I’ve made sure to share the thread with our devs, probably it might come in really handy.

We’ll keep you updated here :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup Woukd buy this


Hi @Paul_Landry

We are thrilled to have you aboard! Welcome to Elfsight family :tada:

We see how useful this option might be for our users, so we’ll try our best to consider it for the widget future updates.

Appreciate your feedback :heart:

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The first comment regarding metadata was posted nearly 4 years ago. Are their any updates on if this feature is still in the works?

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Hi there @user3843 :wave:

Much as I’d love to share an update, I’m afraid the solution hasn’t been found yet. I deeply apologize that it takes us so long to deliver this functionality.

Since we get a lot of requests and the process of developing new features is quite complicated, we have to be picky and choose the most popular requests first. If this request gains more votes, we’ll try to speed up this process.

We promise to keep you informed about any progress here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your feedback and pointing us in this direction!

Hi friends! We see your interest in the request to add Metadata to the player, and I’ve got a couple of questions to understand your needs better :slight_smile:

Since the Metadata itself is quite a wide thing, what exactly you’d love to see displayed in your widgets? We guess it should be something basic like a Song Title, Artist, Album Art, Track Duration.

Any other thoughts?


Artist and Song Title with album art in an attractive player. Album art needs to be dynamic and update when song changes. I don’t include song duration in the metadata.


Very useful comment, @user2366, many thanks! Nice point about dynamic album art, it’s something we’ll have to thoroughly discuss.

Thank you, and welcome to the community! Hope to see you around :blush:


Hi @Max, I’m a radio / video streaming provider. If you need any help with this development just let me know. Streaming providers usually use Last.FM API or Itunes API to collect songs metadata. There are also apps like RadioBoss, ZaraRadio, SAM Broadcaster (usually used by radio stations and broadcasters) that have the ability to send metadata information to the players. If you want to test my service, please send me a PM.

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Hi @PEDRO :wave:

Thank you so much for your interest and help, that’s highly appreciated!

We’ll have your suggestion in mind and if any assistance is needed, we’ll definitely let you know :wink:

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Hi @Helga , about your question regarding what the meta data should be showing in your player:

We also have a radio broadcaster with mainly informative content as a client for example who would highly be interested in your plugin in case it had meta data. But they would mainly need the possibility to show a title and subtitle, as they don’t play songs most of the time but speeches and interviews for example.