Promo materials

Hey there :wave:

We’ve got a bunch of awesome resources to help you boost your sales with Elfsight:

  • Apps catalog (iFrame)

    Want to showcase all 80+ of our amazing apps on your website? Our Apps Catalog page is just what you need! Your affiliate links are already built-in, so you’ll get commissions each time you someone buys via the catalog.

  • Apps catalog logos

    Here you’ll find logos to create your custom Elfsight catalog, if you don’t like an iFrame option.

  • Banners

    Need some banners? We’ve got loads of different sizes and formats available in English.

  • Landings

    Our landing pages focus on specific widgets, website builders, industries, and much more. They’re a great way to get your customers excited about Elfsight!

  • Video content

    We’ve even got sample YouTube videos that you can use as part of your own video content.

  • Coupons

    Also, we offer discount coupons for your audience. Just let your affiliate manager know your company or deal name (like WebDesign25 or SummerSale25) contacting

Haven’t found creatives you need for Elfsight promotion? Do not worry! Just leave a request in Affiliate Wishlist and we’ll do our best to help you out :wink: