Pricing Table - Slow Loading

Experiencing very slow loading times on the Pricing Table widget. It can take up to 5 seconds sometimes before the widget loads on the page. Anyone else experiencing these issues?

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Hi @Richard2, I’m really happy to meet you on our forum! :tada:

I’ve checked your website, and I must say that the Pricing Table widget for loaded right away for me.

I also see that my colleague Renata has replied to your support ticket, just in case I’m duplicating her message here as well:

I need to tell you that our widgets are full-powered website applications, albeit being placed in a very small container. Although we’re working at improving these metrics, at the moment our widgets do take some of the site’s resources, which may affect its performance.

However, the good news is that we have a couple of solutions on how to improve the website’s performance:

To improve the PageSpeed score of the page with the widget, you can use our lazy loading feature. Here’s an article that describes how to activate it - How to improve PageSpeed score of a page with our widget.

To make the widget appear faster on the page, you can try replacing it with async one - How to make a widget load faster.

I hope it helped, but if any questions or difficulties remain, you’re welcome to contact us :slight_smile: