Popup - Form field customization doesnt want to apply

Hello guys,

I need some hands here please.
after I customize the form field, it doesnt want the changes to appear on the page at all.
I have just one default field form which doesnt reflects to any changes I’ve done in backend.
And it has nothing to do with cache because other changes (like background color) changes immediately.

Any thoughts?

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Hello @jozef :wave:

Thank you for contacting us!

I am terribly sorry that you’ve faced issues using our app!

I’ll be happy to check everything for you! Could you please provide me with a direct link to the webpage where your widget is installed?

Hey Maksim,
Sure, here you are: www.justchillin-vapes.de

Thanks a lot!

@Maksim any thoughts please?


Hello @jozef!

I am terribly sorry for the delayed reply :pensive: Please accept my sincere apologies!

Unfortunately, the issue appeared to be more complicated than it expected to be. So, we’ve contacted you at j*********k@gmail.com in a support ticket 326585. Please check your inbox.

We’ll be looking forward to your reply!