"Password" field type

I love the Form Builder app, but I don’t see a “Password” field. The Form Builder would be perfect for a sign-up flow, but I can’t use it if it doesn’t support password fields.

Please add support for password fields where the input is masked (i.e. ***********). See HTML input type="password" for reference.



@B11 what a lovely use case and idea, thank you for sharing!

I do get your point and I really hope we’ll add support for ‘password’ field in one of our future updates.

Thanks a lot for your help! Feel free to vote for other ideas, it might increase the odds for a faster release :slight_smile:

Please I need sign in form with password button

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@Godswill thank you for your suggestion and welcome to the Elfsight Forum! :hugs:

I’ve moved your request to another thread with a similar idea, and I really hope we’ll be able to consider it in our future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!