Order tracker

something where people can type in a reference number and see the status.

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Hi there @Ray_Surprenant :wave:

Please accept my deepest apologies for the delayed reply! We’ve received an unusually high number of requests and, unfortunately, your request has been missed. I am really sorry!

I agree that the Order tracker app would be a nice addition to our app catalog. However, it would be awesome if you could share your vision on this app.

  1. What info do you want the users to see when they enter the reference number? For example, do you want them to see the current location of the order, estimated delivery time, or other details?

  2. Are there any specific status updates or notifications that you would like the users to receive when they track their order?

  3. Should the app track orders from a specific postal service, or is it intended to track orders from various sources?

Any additional info would be extremely helpful :pray: