Open the links in the same window

There really should be the option to have links open up in the same window. I’m using this to display blog articles on my website and it would be so much better if they opened up in the same window instead of creating a new tab. I would love to see the option to either open in same window or a new tab.



Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Original comment from Caleb Green transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

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Original comment from Markus Daase transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

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Yes! This must be the first option. Sometimes we don’t want the visitors to leave the webpage they’re in, some people (like me) don’t like to have opened a lot of tabs because it’s stressful. I think this musn’t to be a difficulty for developers to add this featured option.

Hahaha I’ve realized the former comment was two years ago, and nowadays this option is not added. =(

This is the exact same issue I’m having. Would be a great feature to add this on.

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@user1940 thank you for your comment!

By the way, I’m coming with a quick update: this request has been included in the Q1 roadmap, and we’ll try our best to release it within the current quarter :slight_smile:

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Hi Helga, that would be awesome! I just stepped over this again today and I hope you guys can make it happen in the next few month :slight_smile:

We hope so too, @Markus! Thank you for your support, it CAN work wonders! :))

Hi Helga,
I do have embedded Portfolio in more than 10 customer websites. It would be extremely helpful to get this functionality happen soon. Customers are patiently waiting so far but some are commenting to take a plugin from another company which offer this… I want to stick with elfsight, therefore please please have a look if it gets some priority. I know the dev team is super busy but I think it’s important for you to know what our customers are thinking…

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Markus, I’m really sorry that this feature is still not released :frowning:

I’ve passed your comment along to our dev team, and I do hope it will help speed up the process :pray:t2: I’ll keep you updated in this thread.

Thank you for sticking with us!

Thank you, Helga!

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@Helga Hello, any update here? Thanks.

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Hi @Dylan4! Welcome to Community :wave:

I am so sorry that it takes us so long to release this feature :pensive:

I’ve forwarded your comment to our devs, and, hopefully, it will increase chances for a faster release!

Hi Helga and Max, in January Helga updated us that this request is in Q1 roadmap of 2023. Can you please check with dev team when this can be done? This is really an important feature. You can imagine that it’s for many customers anoying that the information in portfolio always opens in a new window instead in the same tab. I have customer pages that uses a lot the portfolio plugin and their visitors are not really happy about many opening new tabs. Please give us an update on this important feature. Thank you.

Hi Markus, and thank you for your comment and interest in this request!

I know that we planned on giving this request thorough attention during Q1, and I’m really sorry to disappoint you at this point.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to move the work on the Portfolio widget to the latter part of the year, but I’ve reminded our tech guys about this request and how needed and awaited it is. I really hope this is the last shift we have to make.

Markus, I cannot apologize enough for the frustration my reply has brought to you, but this is what I have to say as of now :pensive:

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Hi Helga,

Thank you for the update, we will patiently wait and hope it will come still this year.

Thanks & have a great day!

Brgds, Markus

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Thank you so much for your understanding, Markus, your support means the world! :heart:

+1 on the request. I’d love to see this option

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